Do You Wear Socks with Boat Shoes?

Boat shoes, also known as deck shoes are quite different compared to sneakers.  


Because the inset is quite exposed in contrast to sneakers.

When you wear sneakers, the shoe itself usually will cover the sock.

Even if the sock peeks out, it’s usually not too visible or obvious.

However, what about for boat shoes?

Is it weird when the socks are shown?

What about ankle-length socks? Is it okay to wear them?

Today, we’ll take a look into these topics.

Are Boat Shoes Originally Worn Barefoot? 

Boat shoes are, originally, it seems to be shoes worn without socks.

Also referred to as deck shoes, it seems that the original usage of these shoes are for working on the deck of a ship.

Shoes made so that you can work without slipping,

After all, the deck of the ship gets wet, so it seems that people often wore these shoes without socks. 

Does It Look Bad if Your Socks Show?

This is my personal opinion, but to put it bluntly, if you can see your socks poking out of the boat shoes, it doesn’t look good.

For some reason, if the socks protrude out of your boat shoes, it gives off a “cold” feeling.

And boat shoes are meant to be worn in warm weathers.

So, I personally don’t like wearing long socks or socks that peek out of my boat shoes. 

However, I also don’t like going barefoot in my shoes.

If you’re also like me, why don’t you try wearing socks that give off that barefoot look?

 “Barefoot-Style” Socks

In warmer weathers, boat shoes can be worn effortlessly.

I don’t think many people wear long socks with boat shoes, but the worst choice would be to wear patterned long socks.

Don’t you think?

So when you opt for boat shoes, try wearing socks that give off that bare feet look.

For example, flat socks could be a good choice.

Flat socks only hold on to the bottom of your feet and don’t have any length.

Try them the next time you wear your boat shoes!

Do You Own Boat Shoes?

 Do you wear boat shoes?

I think they’re a comfortable hybrid between sneakers and sandals.

They’re the perfect choice for when you’re running errands that don’t require such athletic shoes, but when sandals may appear too casual. 

They’re also perfect for the spring and summer weathers!

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