How Do You Coordinate Socks with Flats?

I have been wearing tights religiously everyday during this cold winter.
Warmer days are coming up and it’s finally time for some regular socks.

However, recently, there are many types of flat shoes - trendy ballet shoes or classic and traditional loafers, etc. 

I feel like I need to pair my socks with the different types of flats I wear.

This time, I will be introducing different outfit coordinates and how to pair your socks with different types of flats.

Does Wearing Socks With My Flats Make Me Look Like a Child?

Socks are essential for the shoes you want to wear in the spring, such as flats, sneakers, and loafers.

Often times, women can get lost deciding what socks to match with their outfit:

Does my outfit look childish?
Should my socks peek out from my shoes?

If you master these points that you are uncertain about, you'll be able to broaden your dressing experience and enjoy fashion to the fullest.

So, how do you wear ballet flats? 

How Do You Wear Ballet Flats?

There are five major ways in which ballet flats can be worn. 
Let’s take a look.


Ballet flats are commonly worn without socks - I’m sure you’re familiar with this look. 

It looks refreshing, but in the summer, a noticeable smell can develop from wearing your shoes without socks.

Sweat measures are extremely important for people who like to go without socks.
It's a good idea to put in a sweat pad in your shoes. 
They can help effectively wick away sweat and moisture from your feet.


There’s a group of women that prefers skin-colored stockings when wearing ballet flats. 

This is the perfect option for those days you want to bare your legs but didn’t have time to shave.

No-show socks

No-show socks are a great option when you don’t want your socks to peek out of your flats, but need some protection and barrier between your feet and your shoe. 
They are the ideal socks for the summer as they don’t overheat your feet during warmer days, however, they may slip off easily in your shoes. 

Regular Socks

Some people choose to wear regular socks with their flats, such as white or black socks.
Thick ones are hot in the summer, so it seems that nylon blends and smooth fabrics such as lace are popular.

Coloured Tights

Some people wear coloured tights with their ballet flats.
Solid colours seem to be the preferred choice. 

Regular Socks

A pair of regular socks that sit at the ankle work perfectly with flats. 
However, what are the advantages and disadvantages of wearing regular socks with ballet flats? 
Let’s take a look.

Why Should I Wear Socks with My Flats?

Ideally, socks should always be worn with any type of closed-toe shoes. 
When you opt out of socks on warmer days, take sweat prevention measures, like a sweat pad. 
Your shoes and nose will thank you.
Socks serve a wide range of protective functions for our feet - rom keeping our feet from smelling (worse than it already does) and protecting it from wounds.
During warmer months, you might want to choose a pair of thin cotton-blend socks. Since cotton is lightweight and breathable, it is absorbent and great for sweaty feet on a hot summer’s day. 

Why Should I Not Wear Socks with My Flats?

A pair of regular socks is the fastest way to ruin that barefoot look - if that’s what you’re going for. 
If you want to bare your legs or some ankle, you might want to choose a pair of flat socks or no-show socks instead.

How to Pair Your Socks with Flats

Pair With A Long Skirt

Long skirts can make you look proper and formal. 
If you want to play down that look, go for a pair of socks with your flats. 
A pair of short socks with flats paired with a long skirt gives off a laid-back vibe.
With a pair of loose-fitting socks, you can expect an effect that makes your ankles appear more delicate. 

Don’t Stretch Out Your Socks

Are you the type that pulls your socks to the highest they’ll go?
You might want to stop doing that - this season’s fashion is a little slack.
That means, don’t stretch your socks and wear them properly. 
Pull them up, but have them bunched up and ruffled a little. 

Subtle Decorative Elements with a Pair of Black Flats

A pair of simple black flats when combined with a pair of solid coloured socks can look a little plain. 
If you want to add your own personal style and flair, consider a pair of socks with subtle decorative elements like lace or small patterns on the rim of the sock. 
They’ll garner a bit of attention, without being too overbearing. 

Transparent Socks of a Similar Colour

Match a pair of transparent socks to the colour of your flats. 
A pair of black socks with black flats could make your look a little dark and heavy. 
However, if you pair a lightly transparent black sock to your black flats, the resulting look will appear to be thoughtfully put together.

How to Wear White Socks with Flats

Factor in the Colour of Your Shoes and Bottoms
Take into consideration the colour of your shoes and your bottoms. 
If you’re wearing vividly-coloured shoes, you might want to wear a pair of white socks. 
This clean-canvas look will highlight your brightly-coloured shoes and ensure that they’re the centre of attention.

Make Good Use of Colour

During the springtime, a pastel-colored skirt, ballet flats and spring-appropriate socks are essentials. 
If your outfit has more than three colours, repeat an existing colour rather than introducing a new one. 
White is a great anchor colour and pairs nicely with most colours on the colour palette. 

Wear Them During Colder Weathers

During chilly spring days, you might consider putting on a pair of socks with your spring outfit and flats coordinate.
Wearing a spring dress will give you the feeling of springtime, but you can’t ignore the cold. 
Let’s be honest, flats don’t keep our feet warm. 
So, if you want to wear a pair of cute flats, you can wear a pair of white socks with them - it won’t interfere with the rest of our outfit.

No-show Socks

Are you into the no-sock look? 
Trying to achieve that no-sock look without socks can be a nightmare for your feet (and your nose). 
Socks can ease the friction caused by walking and can also help fight off odour. 
Expect blisters and chaffed feet if you’re going without socks. 
Not to mention, the next time you go put on your ankle boots or leather shoes, they’ll reek of a nasty odour and you’ll be sorry you went without socks. 
Don’t want to ruin your no-sock look? Try a pair of no-show socks.
Like the name suggests, no-show socks are low-cut socks that fit just above the heel collar. They’re also called sock liners or invisible socks. 
They act as a protective layer between your feet and the inside of your shoe. 
Their moisture-wicking property will also help pull sweat and moisture away from the skin and into the exterior of the fabric making it easier to evaporate. 

What Do No-Show Socks Look Like?

Because of its discreet nature, no-show socks are small and can stretch to the size of your feet. 
I’ve got a super stretchy thin pair that is the size of half my foot, but stretches to twice its size. 
While generally small, no-show socks come in a variety of sizes. 
The size of the sock will depend on the material and stretchiness chosen.  

When Should I Wear No-show Socks?

As you can probably imagine, your no-show socks probably won’t make the cut on a cold winter’s day.
They’re best worn during warm and sunny weather. 
No-show socks are best worn when you’re wanting to show off a bit of ankle. 
They do give off a casual and laid back vibe, so do keep that in mind next time you’re getting dressed up but wondering whether you should put on those no show socks or not. 
No-show socks are great for any type of shoes. 
They’re perfect for any time you don’t want your socks to stick out from your shoes, but don’t want to go without a sock.
Not only are they great for flats, they’re also go well with: 
  • Sneakers
  • Low-rise converse
  • Boat shoes
  • Oxfords
  • Loafers
  • Flats

How Do I Wear No-show Socks?

Unlike regular socks, no-show socks sit at your heel. 
They stay there thanks to an adhesive silicone grip at the heel of the sock. 
When you wear a pair of no-show socks, make sure you don’t apply any lotions on your heels before you put on your socks.
Lotions can be slippery, which is a key reason to sock-slippage.

Other Useful Tips to Keep in Mind When Pairing Socks with Flats

Match Your Shoes with the Colour of Your Socks

The general rule of thumb: Match the colour of your shoes with the colour of your socks. 
If you match the colour of your socks to the colour of your shoes, your entire look will appear uniform and balanced.
When in doubt, choose a pair of socks that match the colour of your shoes.

Colour Contrast and Colour Gradation 

If you pair dark shoes with white socks, you can achieve an eye-catching colour contrast. 
Another example:
Take a look at a black pair of bottoms. 
Adding a pair of grey socks to your white flats will showcase an interesting gradation of colours. 
With this outfit, if you’re also sporting grey accessories like a grey purse or hat, aligning the socks with this colour will give an overall sense of unity. 
Your outfit will give off a neat and polished impression.


So, what do you think about socks with flats?
Socks play an important role in feet health and hygiene. 
I must admit, there are many times where I ditch the socks and just put on my ballet flats. 
However, the next time you go out in your flats, you might want to try some of these styling techniques.
You may be pleasantly surprised!

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