How to Choose the Right Socks: 7 Tips You Need to Know

How to Choose the Best Socks

I’m sure you could agree with me that socks are an indispensable piece of clothing in our daily lives.  

There are many different ways to choose socks for different purposes and occasions - such as texture, colour, material, and price.

Two “Types of Elastics in Socks

There are two different kinds of elastics in a normal pair of socks: single elastic and double elastic.

When purchasing socks, it’s hard to gauge the quality of the socks.

There are very little explanation and indicators of quality.

Even if you go to a department store, it’s difficult to choose unless you have worn that brand or material before. 

Choosing socks require experience and intuition.

We will explore the two different elastics commonly found in socks in a later section. 

Today, we’ll be reviewing our top 7 tips. 

1. Selection by Stitching Method on the Toe

Linking Method

The first stitch and the second stitch are stitched together. 

The seams are flat and do not touch the skin. 

The manual labour involved with this method is difficult and cost of labour is relatively high. 

Rosso Method 

This is a mechanized method of link stitching.

The seams are much more rugged than link stitching. 

This method depends on the thread used for socks and the skill level of the operator.

2. Rubber Elastic Selection

The elastic of your sock changes depending on the gauge of the sock knitting machine and the thread usage.

Let’s take a look at the two different types:

Single Elastics 

Elastics are recommended at the mouth of your sock so that the ends of the threads do not stick out.

Many knitting machines with fine gauges use wooly nylon for the top section.

Double Elastics

The narrow width of the elastic means that the rubber tends to be tight when worn.

Avoid anything that is unusually narrow compared to your foot.

If you have thick legs, vertical lines may remain on the rubber part after wearing.

3. Heel Size

Although it depends on the thread used in socks, spandex is often used in recent socks.

When the heel is small, it is worn with the heel in the shoe.

At the same time, the upper part of the heel may wear out.

4. Choose by Length

Length is one of the many ways to choose socks. 

How to choose socks by length depends on the shoes you wear. 

Here, we will show you how to choose socks that suit each shoe.

Socks that Fit Sneakers

When choosing a sock length that fits your sneaker, keep in mind that there are many patterns of ankle-length socks.  

Socks that Fit Loafers 

In the case of loafers, it is common to wear socks that are shorter than the ankle so that the socks are barely visible. 

Socks that Go with Your Boots 

When choosing boots, it is common to choose socks that are slightly longer than the length of the boots. 

For normal business shoes, choose socks that can cover up to the calf.  

5. Select by Material

There are various sock materials. 

Most of them are blends of cotton and polyester, but there are various materials such as cotton and wool, cotton and stretch nylon. 

Depending on the season, the material may or may not be suitable, and the selection method will also change depending on the occasion in which it is worn.


Cotton is a lightweight and breathable material, making it one of the most commonly-used fibres for manufacturing socks. 


Wool is a great insulator. Socks made from wool are extremely warm, which makes it the perfect option for colder climates.    


Polyester is a synthetic material that is warm and soft. It is arguably more durable than natural fibres, which makes this material another excellent choice. 


Wool is a great insulator. Socks made from wool are extremely warm, which makes it the perfect option for colder climates.   

6. Choose by Season

Socks are also very important for enjoying a seasonal outfit. 

In warmer seasons, socks made of absorbent materials are also popular and are recommended. 

Basically, choose socks that are short in length. 

On the other hand, in cold winters, socks with a length greater than the ankle are often selected, and wool socks are recommended because they are warm. 

Of course, make sure to choose a design that is suitable for the season. 

Patterns that display the sea are popular in the summer, and snow patterns, prints with winter motifs, such as reindeers, are popular in the winter.

7. Select by Design/Colour

Choosing socks based on design pattern and colour is another basis of fashion. 

What kind of design pattern and colour should I choose? 

The sense of the season is important when choosing a design pattern. 

Here, we will introduce various design patterns including solid colours, different patterns and how to choose colours.

Solid Colour

The most classic solid colour socks are the most popular amongst both men and women. 

As it is not a patterned item, the sock coordination is basically just a glimpse of the outfit. 

If you match the colours with the basic colours of the outfit, the colours will have a unified feeling and will fit together nicely. 

Heather Pattern 

The heather pattern ensures the natural colour of the material in the sock’s pattern is easy to match.

It is a popular pattern as it can be fashionable regardless of the season.


For casual outfits, striped socks are great. 

Borders and stripes that show a glimpse between the shoes and bottoms are recommended for outfits that want to achieve a playful look.

Fun Prints 

Fun prints with statement motifs will add a playful touch to your outfit.  

Rather than being casual, it can be dressed in a fashionable and playful way by incorporating it into a business scene. 

Patterned Socks 

Patterned socks are perfect for the occasion when you want to create a sense of season from your feet. 

By selecting a seasonal pattern such as jacquard pattern, the fashionability can be improved at a stretch. 

In particular, by matching it with loafers and sneakers, you can broaden the range of appearance.

Of course, in the business scene, classic patterns such as the classic Argyle pattern are recommended. 


So, what did you think?

Next time you go out to buy new socks, you might want to keep these 7 tips in the back of your mind to help you pick out the perfect socks!

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