How to Get Sand and Dirt Out of Your Socks

Liquid detergent is meaningless for mud stains!

Soaps and brushes are just not enough when trying to remove these stubborn stains.

Even if you wash it in the dishwasher, soak it overnight in detergent, or wash it by hand with soap, it won't come off easily.

Trust me.

I think many people are worried about such stubborn dirt stains.

But don't worry! 

You can easily remove mud stains just by using a certain tool.

We’ll teach you all about this in today’s article!

What Kind of Dirt is Mud Dirt?

In order to defeat the powerful enemy of "mud dirt", you need to know about it. 

Knowing and analyzing it is your sure way to victory.

First, let's look at dirt in general. 

To summarize, dirt is classified into three types.

Let’s take a look:

  1. Water-Soluble Stains: Dirt containing salt such as sweat

  2. Oil-soluble Stains: Dirt that easily dissolves in oil such as lipstick

  3. Insoluble Stains: Dirt that does not dissolve in water or oil, such as mud and dust

Among them, mud stains are classified as insoluble stains.

This means, scrubbing with water is meaningless

Why is it Difficult to Remove Mud Stains?

Why is it that mud stains, which are insoluble stains, are difficult to remove?

This is because, in addition to being difficult to dissolve in water and oil, soil, and sand, mud can penetrate deep into the fibres of clothes and sneakers.

Are you always trying to get rid of dirt with liquid detergents and bleaches?

Actually, it makes little sense for mud stains that have penetrated deep into the fibres to be cleaned with liquids.

This is because liquid detergents and bleaches aim to whiten stains that have soaked into the fibres. 

It doesn't scrape out dirt.

But! Don’t give up hope just yet. 

There are actually detergents that are good for mud stains.

What Kind of Detergent is Suitable for Mud Stains? 

It's a bar of laundry soap!

“Is there such a thing?”

I can hear many people asking this.

Speaking of laundry, liquid detergents and detergent pods are becoming the mainstream now.

Bar soap for washing has the property of being easily dissolved in oil and water. 

It has an excellent effect of dissolving and removing particles of soil and mud. 

Also, because it uses materials that are kind to the skin and the environment, you can use it with confidence.

And for effective cleaning, you need a brush. 

Not only can it cleanly remove mud stains, but it also eliminates the smell of mud and sweat. 

How to Remove Mud Stains

Now, let's see how to actually remove mud stains!


1. Dry

Mud stains have a habit of rising to the surface when dried. 

So, if you dry it with a "dryer" before washing it with soap, it will be more beautiful!

2. Hit Socks and Clothes

Hit the clothes with mud stains to scrape off the stains that have penetrated deep into the fibres.

3. Rub on the Soap

Soak soap bar in water and rub it into the areas where mud stains are noticeable.

4. Use a Brush to Remove Dirt

Knead it a few times until the soap bubbles that have been rubbed appear brown. 

At this time, scrub with a washing brush or toothbrush to scrape the dirt off.

If it is very dirty, leave it for 10 to 15 minutes.

5. Rinse Dirt Off with a Shower

After turning over the socks and clothes, maximize the water pressure in the shower and pour boiling water at around 40°C to wash away the dirt.

6. Rinse and Machine Wash

Just fill the washbasin with water, rinse it lightly, and then put it in the washing machine to wash it.

Use Baking Soda to Remove Stains that Still Do Not Come Off!

Mud is not only just made of soil and water, but also fine heavy metals contained in the ground as dirt.

Even if you wash it thoroughly or scrub it with soap, there are limits. 

Therefore, use baking soda as a last resort.

By using baking soda, instead of the power of bubbles such as soap, the power to penetrate deep into the baking soda and lift the mud components is added.

What to Prepare

There are two ways to wash with baking soda.

The first is to blend detergent and baking soda and wash. 

The second method is to boil it in baking soda.

If the dirt particles are too big, the first way would be the better option.

The second is possible as long as the clothes fit in a large pot.

Therefore, you will need:

For large stains

  • Baking soda
  • Laundry detergent 

For small stains

  • Baking soda
  • A pot and stove


I will introduce and demonstrate two different methods today:

Method #1:

1. Make a detergent solution

    Combine the same amount of detergent and baking soda (1:1) 

    2. Rub the detergent solution into the dirt

      Stir the detergent and baking soda that you just combined well and knead them into the dirty part. 

      After leaving it for 10 to 15 minutes, wash it normally in the washing machine!

      That's it! The baking soda removes not only dirt but also odours, so it's really two birds with one stone!

      Method #2:

      1. Make a detergent solution

        In a large pot, add the same amount of baking soda as liquid detergent and add about 70% of water into the pot and dissolve well. 

        Bring to a boil.

        2. Put in dirty clothes and simmer

          Put the dirt on the pot into the pot and simmer for 5 to 10 minutes. Be careful not to get burned in boiling water, and go.

          3. Machine wash

            Turn off the heat and let it cool to the touch, then put it in the washing machine to wash it. 


            The difficulty in removing mud stains is due to the insoluble nature of mud and the fact that it penetrates deep into the fibres.

            "Solid soap" is useful for such stains. 

            If you use this and a brush, the previously stubborn mud stains will be obediently removed. 

            Also, if you dry it with a hair dryer, you can remove it more beautifully.

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