How to Incorporate Long Socks for Casual Men’s Outfits

Socks that slip down to your ankle while you’re walking can be annoying.

So, what about long socks? Have you ever tried wearing them?

Have you ever experienced the feeling where the hem of your pants touch your bare skin and cling to you due to static or sweat?

Not only is it uncomfortable, but the shape of the pant leg can become distorted.

Long socks are recommended not only for business scenes but also for men's coordination in casual scenes.

This time, we will introduce the four advantages of wearing long socks and why you should consider them.

How Long are Long Socks?

Today, we’ll talk about the name and characteristics of different socks by length.

Long socks are basically high socks. 

High socks may have the image of being worn by women, but they are originally the length of socks that men wear when they wear a suit. 

So what do high socks actually mean?

In order to understand this, I will first explain the length of socks.

The definition of length may differ depending on the manufacturer, but it is said that socks have different lengths as shown in the figure below.

Cover Socks

These socks have a mouth on the instep and cover the sole of the foot. 

This length is chosen when you don't want your socks to show.

They are also sometimes called foot covers

Anklet Socks

Socks up to the ankle. Many men and women wear this together with sneakers, and it is a popular type with a large number of products. 

Sometimes called short socks.

Regular Socks

When you hear the word “socks”, isn't it a general term for basically all socks?

Short socks up to the calf are usually the ones we think of when we just say “socks”.

Crew Socks

These socks are called crew because they were worn by the crew members of a ship.

It is easy to put on and take off and has good mobility, and it is said to be about the same length from the toes to the heels.

Three Quarter Socks

Socks with a length of 3/4 below the knee are called “three-quarter socks”.

The socks stop at the calf, so they are easy to slip off.

It is recommended for people with long knees because the line looks beautiful.

High Socks

Socks with a length below the knee are referred to as “high socks”.

This is the length we’ll be talking about today. 

They’re also sometimes called long hose as they somewhat resemble a garden hose.


Four Benefits of Long Socks


Won’t Show Bare Skin

The biggest advantage of long socks is that it won’t show your bare skin.

It's embarrassing that the hem of the trousers rise when you cross your legs and you can see the shin.

For some, it may be considered an etiquette violation.


Hard to Slip Off


Since the rubber part of the sock is on the calf and not the ankle, it makes this type of socks harder to slip off.


Doesn't Cling to Pants

You may sweat on your calves and your pants may get stuck.

Long socks absorb calf sweat and prevents that from happening.


Won’t Damage the Fabric of the Pants

If the bare skin and pants are in contact with each other as they are, due to friction with the skin and sweat, etc., the fabric will start wearing. 

Because long socks can reduce the adhesive surface, you can make your pants last longer.


Autumn and winter are the seasons when you can enjoy layered style coordination.

Incorporate long socks at your feet and try out different casual coordinates!

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