How to Make Sandals and Socks Look Fashionable?

An outfit that combines sandals and socks can elevate a simple coordinate immediately.

However, it can be quite difficult to dress this way.

Don’t worry though, you can prevent some major fashion faux pas by learning these quick and easy points fo sandals and socks.

Here, we are going to introduce some sandal and sock coordination techniques. 

Key Points For Sandal and Sock Coordinates

The most difficult point of sandal and sock coordinations is that it is difficult to judge whether the design of the shoes and socks match. 

If it doesn't match, you'll immediately feel uncomfortable, so you want to be careful. 

Next, I will introduce the points that you definitely want to check when coordinating sandals and socks.

Match the Vibe of the Sandals with Your Socks

Foot fashion coordination has been popular for several years. 

The trick to not fail is to match the taste of sandals to your socks. 

White socks with a strong sports taste are recommended for sports sandals, while cotton linen socks are recommended for leather-like sandals. 

Sandals Have a Simple and Unobtrusive Design 

Sandals and sock coordinations basically draws attention to the socks. 

Therefore, it is safe to select a pair of sandals with a simple design so that they can be easily matched with either plain or patterned socks. 

You can avoid mistakes by choosing sandals that are familiar to you no matter what socks you wear, such as narrow ankle strap sandals or black sports sandals with minimal embellishments.

The Best Sock Length is 15-26cm

The length of the socks is 15 to 26 cm from the heel. 

Short socks with visible ankles may feel strange when paired with sandals, while high socks may make your legs look shorter! 

For sports sandals with a solid form, the short length is about 15 cm and it is simple. 

For More Mature Outfits, Choose Sheer Socks

If you want to incorporate sandals and socks outfits in a more elegant and mature manner, choose a sock with a sense of sheerness or a glossy material such as chiffon. 

In particular, the see-through socks go great with the delicate strap sandals that are trending this season. 

If you put the sandals and socks together in the same colour, you can enjoy a more elegant sock outfit because it will be more sophisticated.

Sock Coordinates

Classic Sports Sandals and Socks Coordination

If you want to enjoy the rugged form of sports sandals and socks, the key point is a combination of similar colours that are slightly brighter than the colours of the sandals. 

For example, black sports sandals and grey ribbed socks have a unified look and are fashionable when worn together.

One-tone Coordination with Similar Colours

If you are unfamiliar with sandals and socks, the one-tone outfit is the best and easiest selection.

Especially in the spring and summer, the combination of light blue with mint green and beige with white gives a refreshing feeling that is both light and fashionable.


If you want to make your sock and sandal coordinate trendy, you may want to unify the sandals and socks with an anchor colour, such as black or white. 

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