How to Organize Socks in a Drawer: 9 Ways to Fold Your Socks

Sock organizing - A tedious and menial task; debatably worse than going to the dentist’s office. 

Let me ask you, how do you guys store your socks? 

Do you keep them tucked neatly in pairs, like me?

Or, tossed into the sock closet in a chaotic mess, like my husband?

Keeping your socks stored away and organized properly will help you pick them out quickly in the morning. 

But, where do we start on this time-consuming task?

Remove Unnecessary Socks

sock removal

Ready to start on this mammoth of a task? 

Let’s roll up our sleeves and get started!

Take Out All Your Socks

Take your sock drawer or sock box and dump everything out onto a clean surface, perhaps your bed or the couch.

Group Them Together

Go through each one and identify socks that have holes, socks that are broken and socks that are too small.

Pick out Socks That Don’t Match

Did you find some socks that don’t have a matching pair? 

I have a section in my sock drawer for odd socks where I put lone socks in. 

When I discover a missing sock, I will try to pair it up and reunite it with the lone sock from the missing sock box. 

If there isn’t a match in the missing sock box, it gets stashed away there until I’m able to find its buddy. 

This is a great way to match off missing socks, rather than throwing them away.

Need help searching for missing socks?

Pick out Socks With Holes in Them

Found some socks with holes in them? Patch them up and they’ll be good as new again.

Patching up socks is a quick and easy task! Watch this quick tutorial.

But are some of the holes too big for fixing? Maybe it’s time to replace them. 

Don’t throw them away just yet!

Just because your hole-y sock can’t be used on your foot, doesn’t mean it can't be used on another leg. 

Use four of old socks as a chair leg cover. 

Pick out Socks You No Longer Wear

Do you have any socks that are too small? 

Or socks with patterns you no longer wear?

Take them out of your sock collection. 

Odd socks can serve as a variety of useful functions. 

Floor Mopping

Odd socks make good rags, use them for floor mopping.

If you need a larger piece, you can sew odd socks together, or cut them in half so they open up and lay flat.

Please make sure your sock is clean though, you wouldn’t want your whole kitchen floor to smell like dirty socks.

Shoe Keeper

Socks belong in shoes, even if they are missing their better half. 

If you have some shoes that need to be filled with stuffing to retain its shape, try filling it with an odd sock!

Cover of Chair Legs

Just because your odd sock can’t be used on your foot, doesn’t mean it can't be used on another leg. 

Use four of your odd socks as a chair leg cover. 

Cover of Table Legs

Similar to chair legs, you can use your odd socks for table legs.

Furniture leg covers are great since they protect your floors when chairs and tables are being moved and pushed around.

Arrange Socks


It’s important to fold socks properly because doing so incorrectly will stretch the elastics of your socks.

How to Organize Long Socks

Long socks tend to take up more storage space. 

When folding long socks, fold it without making it as thick as possible. 

  1. Fold the top and bottom of the sock towards the centre.
  2. Fold again in half (with the folded side inside).

This is a simple and compact method to keep your socks looking net and tidy.

How to Organize Short Socks

Ankle socks can be folded once and put together.

  1. Flatten the back of the sock.
  2. Fold the heel fabric to the toe side and the opening of the sock.
How to Organize Ankle Socks

Ankle-type short socks are often short, so many people will store them without folding them. However, if you decide to wear a pair, you may not be able to find it.

  1. Fold the toe-part of the sock down to the heels.
  2. Fold the ankle side and put the toe part inside the opening of the sock.
How to Organize Small Socks

Do you keep your socks in pairs by rolling them together? 

Or, do you fold one sock over the other sock?

You can damage the elastic of the sock very easily when you do this.

Consider folding your small socks the following way:

  1. Flatten the back of the sock with the heels facing up and the toes down.
  2. Flip over the socks with the heels up.

Group Your Socks Together

Sort Socks By Different Colours

colour code

Choosing the right pair of shoes is important, but choosing what kind of socks to wear with it is also extremely important!

A crucial point in the colour coordination of socks and shoes is balance. 

The general rule of thumb: Match the colour of your shoes with the colour of your socks.

If you match the colour of your socks to the colour of your shoes, your entire look will appear more cohesive and balanced.

When you reorganize your socks back into your sock drawer, you might want to coordinate it by colour. 

This will allow you to quickly pick up a pair in the morning when you’re rushing to work.

Sort Socks By Different Sizes

You can also consider sorting your socks by length - long socks, short socks, ankle socks. 

Match your long socks with a pair of ankle boots.

Or short socks with your sneakers.

Socks of different lengths work and pair with different outfits. 

This will allow you to pick them out easily in the morning depending on what look you’re going for.

Sort Socks By How Often You Need Them

Do you wear a certain type of socks everyday for work? You might want to keep them stored out front for easy access. 

For socks you rarely wore, perhaps you can think about keeping them in the back of your sock drawer.

How to Organize Socks in Drawer



Organize your socks neatly in a sock-specific storage case with partitions.

Simply roll up your socks and store them separately in each partition.

Wall Pocket

Store your socks in a hanging wall pocket. 

It’s easy to see them and choose what socks to wear.

Hang Socks with Clothespin

hanging clothespin

Another easy DIY method is hanging socks in your closet with strings and clothespins.

You can see all of them at a quick glance, so you never have to search for them again.

Moreover, you can hide your sock by closing your closet door.

This storage method will prevent you from buying the same socks many times...


Sock organizing is tedious, no debate there. 

But, doing it properly is rewarding. 

I hope you’ll keep the basic tips of our sock storage in mind the next time you decide to organize your sock drawer. 


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