How to Wear Knee High Socks: 5 Stylish Outfit Ideas

What Are Knee High Socks?

Knee high socks have a total length of approximately 40 to 50 cm and are just enough to cover your knees.
When pairing knee high socks socks with short bottoms, it's best to choose a pair that is longer than your knees. 
They also make a great fashion statement during the winter as it protects your legs from the cold.
Over the knee socks are about 5 to 10 cm above the knees but are still called knee high socks.
Knee high sock coordinates can range from cute to mature. 
Contrary to popular belief, knee high socks don’t just go with shorts and mini skirts. 
Actually, depending on the colour, how you wear it, and your outfit, you can change the look of your knee highs to reinforce the look you are going for. 

Do Knee Highs Appear Young or Childish?

A sweatshirt paired with a checkered mini skirt gives off a sporty and preppy cheerleader vibe. 
The overall coordination is fun and bright, giving off an adorable and youthful look. 
A pair of dark-coloured knee high socks are recommended to balance the coordinate.
Since knee highs are a girly and feminine fashion item, it is not uncommon for age to be taken into consideration when incorporating them into their coordinates.
According to a short survey we conducted, we asked: 
“What age group are knee highs good for?” 
  • 24.2% of respondents answered for 25 to 29 years old;
  • 12.5% of respondents answered for women under 24 years old;
  • 37% of respondents answered under the age of 30. 
The remaining respondents believe that they should be worn with school or sports uniforms only. 
Definitely, knee highs can help you achieve a younger and more youthful look if that is what you’re going for. 
However, depending on the colours of the sock and how you style your outfit, knee highs can be dressed to make your look come off more mature too.

What Colour Knee Highs Should I Wear?

The colour of your socks depend on the look you’re going for. 
There are so many colours to choose from. 
Need some help?

Grey Knee High Socks for Gradation 

Grey socks are perfect for achieving an interesting gradation effect. 
Imagine coordinating a black miniskirt to a pair of white shoes with a pair of grey socks. 
The grey socks will soften the stark contrast of the black pants and white shoes, pulling your whole look together. 

Red Knee High Socks

For a bold look, try an eye-catching and bright colour, like red or orange. 
A bold colour for sure, but definitely do try switching out your usual monotone black, white, or grey socks for something a little more flashy. 
You might be pleasantly surprised!
Red is an intense colour but when used as an accessory, in this case socks, it can make an outfit look more refined.
Furthermore, red works beautifully with monotone colours, so it makes a perfect pairing for casual wear. 
Red socks give off a stylish accent to any dreary and monotonous outfit. 

White Knee High Socks

Need to get out of the house in a hurry but don’t know what colour socks to choose?
When in doubt, go with white. 
White socks on the feet make for a clean and tidy impression. 
White, a colour with no hue, pairs well with essentially anything. 

Monotone Knee High Socks

Monotone-coloured socks are easy to mix and match. 
When you’re shopping for new socks, rather than contemplate what design or style to choose, it’s always easiest to reach for the solid colour socks.
The overall look of your outfit can change drastically depending on which monotone colour socks you pick: black or white. 

Black Knee High Socks

Wearing a grey skirt or dress with white sneakers?
Add a pair of black socks to your outfit to keep it looking cohesive and balanced. 
Even though your entire look is full of casual items and basic colours, the colour scheme will keep your entire look sharp and well-defined.
By combining a casual everyday wear with monotonous colours, you can add subtlety to an outfit.

Brown Knee High Socks

In a short poll we conducted, we found that darker-coloured socks were preferred over lighter colours when paired with black sneakers.
But, only 6% of people who preferred darker colours will choose to wear brown socks.
Why is that?
Although most colours pair well with black, some colours just won’t work.
Blues and browns don’t complement black and may even negate the harsh tones of this colour. 

Striped Knee High Socks

Add a little flair and character to a simple monotone outfit with a pair of striped knee high socks. 
I love monotone colours in winter clothing, but I find my outfits can look a little boring and dreary sometimes.
Spruce up monotonous coloured looks with a pair of striped socks. 
Stripes are a fun illusion to the eyes, it’ll light up your whole outfit without drawing too much attention. 

Knee High Socks with Prints

Socks with all kinds of prints all over it are popular because they are so fun, expressive, and full of life.
Any outfit when paired with patterned socks gives your look a stylish and unique vibe. It adds character with its pop of different colours.
For casual or street fashion, we recommend experimenting with different types of printed socks. 
Add them to a pair of plain white sneakers as a fashion statement. 
Depending on the design of the sneakers, select a pair of socks that have a similar motif. 
For example, if your sneakers have thick stripes, pick out a pair of socks that are the same colours as those stripes. 
This will elevate your entire look!
When you pick out your socks, there are no set rules.
Add your favourite socks to your white sneakers to wide the fashion range at your feet.
Patterned socks make great accents to your feet. 

Recommended Knee High Coordinates

Still struggling with what outfits to wear with your knee highs? 
Check out these coordinates.

Black Knee High Socks x Black Clothing

A pair of black knee highs paired with a black top is effective for a neat and balanced look.
If you match your black-coloured dress with the same colour knee high, the tightening effect will be great. 
However, with an all-black outfit, the whole tone of the outfit might look a little serious, so you might want to introduce some bright colours to your outfit like a bright beige coat. 

White Knee High Socks x Navy Cardigan

A pair of white knee-highs paired with a long bright-colored cardigan, like navy, is easy on the eyes yet very mature-looking.
By combining a navy long cardigan with white knee highs, and a khaki skirt, you can create a familiar and mature look at the same time. 
Try not to introduce too many colours into your outfit.

Grey Knee High Socks x Denim Jacket

Grey knee high socks paired with a denim jacket looks laid back yet chic. 
As a colour, grey pairs flawlessly with denim. 
If you want to spruce up your denim look, you might want to incorporate some decorative elements into your knee high socks like lace.

White or Grey Knee High Socks x Long Knit Dresses

A long knit dress paired with a knee high socks in a pale colour like white or grey creates a sense of softened femininity. 
These standard colours act as an anchor to your whole look.

Knee High Socks x Skirt Coordination 

This classy coordinate finished off your look with a lady-like vibe.
Pair a chic monotone-coloured knee high with a tight plaid miniskirt to exude a classy look.


There are so many playful and fun ways to wear knee highs. 
Contrary to popular belief, knee highs are not just for students or young women. 
Depending on the colour of socks you choose, and your outfit, there are so many versatile ways to wear knee highs. 
We hope you’ll try out one of these coordinates - we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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