How to Wear Long Socks for Men

Having your socks peep out of your shoes, seem to be a new trend.

Have you noticed that?

But is this trend for everyone?

Today, we’ll be discussing tips for showing socks.

So why is it said that your socks showing from shoes is not good?

There seems to be a good reason for that - like time and place.

We’ll go into more detail. 


Why Is Showing Socks Not Good?

Because the Colour May Give Off a Negative Image

White socks, which is a standard colour for socks, can appear dull.

This image rings true especially among men in their late 20’s to 30’s.

Even if you look at it, it tends to feel like a school uniform or athletic wear.


Because It May Appear “Nerdy”

This is especially true for white socks, but you need to be careful as it may appear nerdy. 

From this image, I think we can all agree that white socks are a standard item for sock coordination and also the most difficult item to wear!


Sock Coordination Give Off a Sense of Individuality 

Simple Casual Outfits Accented with Socks

Especially in the winter, many people are dressed very similarly - large jackets, scarves, hats.

How can you showcase your individuality and unique personality?

Perhaps try matching the colour of your socks with another accessory, like say, your scarf. 

It will give off a subtly elevated and unified look.

Street Style? It’s Your Chance to Show Off Your Socks 

Long socks are the epitome of street style.

Long socks are also an excellent measure against the cold especially if you choose a thick pair.

Pair these with the staple of street style - a hoodie and a cap.

Men who are aiming for street style should definitely try this outfit.

Make Good Use of the Colour of Your Socks

If your coordinate consists of warm colours, you can use your socks to help illustrate this colour palette. Pair it with warm tones like beige or brown.

If your outfit is colourful and vibrant, you can stabilize the overall look of your outfit by adding an anchor colour, like black.

Men’s coordinates tend to be made of cool colours, but warm colours give a soft and gentle impression. You may want to give that a try. 

Add a Pop of Bright and Vibrant Colour


Winter clothing is full of dark and drab colours.

Why not spice up the look and add a splash of colour?


A pair of bright and eye-catching red socks grabs attention and turn heads!


What is the Key to Making Your Socks Look Cool?


Tip #1:  Pay attention to the length

Make sure to pay attention to the length of your socks.

If the bottom is too short, it won't work, and if it's too long, you won't be able to show your socks. 

Tip #2: Pay attention to the colours and materials

The colour and texture of the socks are very important factors when showing your socks.

Thin materials and socks with unusual colours are not suitable for socks that peep out of your shoes. 

Socks are a supporting role for coordination. 

Therefore, we recommend choosing a solid colour or a simple design.

Basically, there will be no problem with the following colours.

  • Black

  • White

  • Blue

  • Red


Especially for men who are new to sock coordination, please select one of the above colours.

Of course, please pay attention to the colour that matches the coordination.

Tip #3: Understand the meaning of wearing socks

Finally, let's understand "the meaning of showing socks".

This lack of understanding can lead to sloppy outfits.


Men's sock coordination is now a standard dressing technique. 

If you understand the meaning of showing socks properly and know the tips of how to wear them, you will definitely look fashion-forward.

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