How to Wear Socks With Flats: 5 Different Styling Methods

Ballet flats are so comfortable and versatile. 

Even with one pair of ballet flats, so many different outfits and looks can be created with them.

They are easy to pair with or without socks, especially in early spring!

Ballet flats are a type of flat shoes and they are much easier to walk in than heels.

Do You Wear Socks With Ballet Flats?

It’s so easy to just kick on a pair of ballet flats without socks when you’re rushing out the door in the morning. 

But, do you worry about your feet getting smelly or sweaty in the summer?

It’s also cute to pair white socks or coloured tights with ballet flats, but it can get a bit hot in the summer.

Even if you were to wear thin sock covers with your ballet flats, they can slip off while you’re walking.

So, how should you wear ballet flats?

Surprisingly, wearing ballet shoes is an unexpectedly difficult task. 

So many people wear ballet flats differently. 

Let’s take a look at a few ways on how to do this!

Why Would You Want to Wear Socks With Flats

Especially for people that hate the look of their socks peeking out of their shoes, why should we even wear socks with flats?

Here are two top reasons why people opt for socks with their ballet flats.

Keeps the Feet Dry

In warmer weathers, the accumulation of sweat in your shoe can cause skin conditions and unpleasant smells.

Socks crafted from certain materials, like cotton, act as an effective tool to wick away moisture and keeps your feet fresh and dry. 

Cold Weather

For people like me, with poor blood circulation, the feet are always cold!

Socks are a quick and easy way to combat the cold. 

For cold weather, we recommend heat-preserving socks made from wool.

What are Ballet Flats and How Do They Look?

Ballet flats are typically women’s everyday shoes that are flat. 

They can be made with a short heel or no heel at all.

Ballet flats are inspired by the flats worn by ballerinas.

The shoes are usually characterized by a small ribbon or bowtie on the front of the shoe.

How Do You Wear Your Ballet Shoes?

There are some many various ways to style your ballet shoes.

Try out different styles and see what you feel most comfortable in!

So, after conducting a short survey on how everyone wears ballet shoes, I would like to introduce different methods!

Whether you like going barefoot or with a sock, I will introduce ways on how to wear them comfortably.

Today, we will discuss five different ways:


Ballet shoes can be worn without socks.

It looks and feels refreshing!

But in the summer, it is easy to get stuffy and smelly.


There are some people that wears skin-coloured stockings with their flats.

This gives off a look of being barefoot.

Cover Socks

There are some people that wears shallow cover socks.

It is breezy and comfortable in the summer.

However, shallow socks can easily slip off in your shoes.

Regular Socks

Some wear regular socks with their flats such as white socks with special designs and patterns.

Thick ones are hot for the summer, so it seems that nylon blends and laces and other soft fabrics are popular.

Coloured Tights

Although not commonly seen, coloured tights seem to be a new trend with younger girls. 

So, what do you think of the different pairing methods and how do YOU wear your ballet flats?

Colour Coordination

What colours work with your look?

Colours are a powerful way to elicit emotions and build first impressions.

Incorporating the wrong colour to your outfit can cause your entire look to appear awkward or jarring. 

But, when colours complement each other, you will come out looking sensational.

Let’s take a look at two categories of colours and how they can enhance your look.

Monotone Colours

When in doubt, choose a pair of white socks or match the colour of your socks to your shoes. 

For people who find simple monotonous colours a little drab, choose a pair of monotone socks that have some sort of subtle designs like socks with ribbing.

Another example would be white lace socks.

They can add a sense of dainty playfulness to a simple and classic casual look.

Accent Colours

If you want to bring excitement to your monotone outfit, pair them with brightly coloured socks! 

Since there is only a small visible area where your socks peek out, try incorporating bright colours like red or orange.

How to Pair Socks With Your Ballet Shoes

Let's actually look at the best item for different methods of styling.

Going back to the five different ways of wearing socks with ballet flats, let’s look at each one in detail:

  1. Barefoot
  2. Stockings
  3. Cover socks
  4. Socks
  5. Tights


Sweat prevention measures are the most important for people wearing their flats barefoot.

It's a good idea to put on a sweat pad in your flats. 

Among them, the disposable type is especially popular.


Many people who wear stockings with their ballet flats choose skin-coloured stockings in a shade as close to their feet as possible.

Need to rush out the door but didn’t have time to shave those legs?

Skin-coloured tights are an easy and quick fix. 

Cover Socks

The most popular thing to wear when you want to achieve that barefoot look is cover socks.

Cover socks are shallow and can slip off easily.

Choose ones with an adhesive silicone grip at the back of the sock - this will help your socks stay on even while you’re walking.

Regular Socks

Simple white socks and white socks with a little bit of lace our other subtle and simple designs seem to be popular amongst the younger crowd.

Coloured Tights

The combination of tights and ballet shoes is popular in slightly chillier seasons such as early spring, autumn or winter.

Grey tights are recommended. 

It blends well with ballet shoes.


So, let us know - how do you wear your ballet flats?

Does your style change based on the season?

Try out different styling methods and see which one suits you the best - you may be pleasantly surprised!



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