I Want to Change My Style But I Don’t Know How: How to Become Fashionable Instantly

Many people might have a desire to change their style, but don't know where or how to start.

In order to create a fashionable look, it is important to pay attention not only to clothes but also to items such as shoes and accessories.

In this article, we'll show you the first steps, tips, and quick practices to get dressed up.

This is a must-read for those who want to change their style but don’t think they have a good fashion sense!

The First Step for Those Who Want to be Fashionable

Here are five steps you should take today for those who want to become fashionable.

It's all pretty easy and straightforward, so give it a try!

Replicate a Person Whom You Find Fashionable

If you don't understand the fashion standards because you don't know what style suits you, try to replicate the fashion or someone you find fashionable or trendy.

Try to incorporate the fashion of this person whose style you admire.

If you are close to someone or have a celebrity who you think is fashionable, check out their social media for outfit ideas.

Research Trendy Brands

To become a fashion-conscious person, the trick is to keep track of seasonal trends.

Read fashion magazines and research trends and branded items.

Do a quick google search on trendy items for the season whenever you have some down time. 

By continuing to look at many fashion items, you will naturally understand your fashion likes and dislikes.

Combine Coordinators

Once you've researched your favourite outfits and items, let's actually put the coordination together.

If you try out various coordinations, your sense will be improved and more fine-tuned.

Trial and Error is Important for Fashion

Just like studying or working, you will be able to improve as you go through the process.

Go out with your favourite outfit and listen to others feedback.

If you can combine your favourite coordinates, let's actually go out and get other people’s opinions.

Spend Money on Quality Not Quantity

The saying “less is more”, is very true in this case.

Instead of buying many cheap pieces, choose a few quality pieces that are more expensive but can last. 

Clothes that are a little bit more expensive than what you usually buy will allow you to feel more special and you’ll feel more satisfied with your fashion choices.

Tips for Beginners who want to be Fashionable

Let's take a look at 4 things that beginners who want to be fashionable should know.

If you don't like the combination of your outfits and feel like you don’t know how to piece them together, check out these 5 tips.

Adjust Your Bottoms to the Correct Size

Just by adjusting the hem of your bottoms to the best size, your sense of fashion will increase immediately.


Think about this…

If the size doesn't fit properly, or if it's too short, your look doesn’t feel well-thought out.

Especially when you make a classic jeans outfit for casual fashion, the length of the bottom is important.

If it is too long to roll up, it will be sluggish and your legs will look short, so be careful.

Know Your Size Properly

People that are not fashion-conscious often don't know their size.

“I often wear size “M”, so I always choose size “M” without trying on the clothes”.

If you don’t try on the clothes before making the purchase, you won’t know the best size.

If you compare different sizes of the same item, you will find the best size that you can see your style well.

It all depends if you want a tighter fit or a looser one. 

If you know your size, you will be good at dressing in any fashion.

Wear Various Shoes

Have you decided on what shoes to wear - sneakers for jeans and leather shoes for a more dressed up outfit?

Coordination is not limited to bottoms and tops, but lets compare various shoes to see which shoes look the most fashionable.

One Piece of Luxury Over Many Cheap Pieces

As previously talked about, it’s better to choose one beautiful and elegant piece rather than a bunch of cheap items.

This is in regards to both clothing pieces as well as accessories.

Fashionable people tend to have the image of having a lot of clothes.

But it's actually better to get your favourite pieces than to buy a lot, and as a result, you can wear it for a long time.

Luxury brands are also the birthplace of trends, so you'll be able to get the latest fashion pieces.

You might have to think carefully about items that are too expensive.

But you can improve your taste just by looking at them, so enjoy window shopping!

Purchase Items That You Will Actually Wear

When buying clothes, consider whether you can mix and match them.

Also, consider whether you will actually wear them and the frequency of wearing them.

You don’t want to fill your closet with new pieces that you will only wear once or twice.

Create a mental list of the clothing items you own, so you can avoid repeats and think about how you can style your new piece with your current pieces.

Unify the Tone of Your Bag and Shoes

Match the tone of the bag and shoes to balance the overall outfit.

If the bag is black, the shoes should be black or grey, and if the bag is red, then choose shoes that are also red.

People who coordinate their clothes well, but feel that their outfits are sloppy when they actually go out may not have coordinated the colours of their accessories.

Be Conscious of 3 Colour Coordination

It may seem fashionable to have a large number of colours.

But this actually just produces a loud outfit that is not well thought-out.

It is recommended to only use 3 colours in your entire outfit.

Base Color: 70% of the total ensemble 

Assorted Color: 20% of the total ensemble

Accent Color: 10% of the total ensemble

If you are aware of the above ratio, the colour balance will look splendid.

Wear Accessories, Watches, and Hairstyles that Match Your Clothes

Fashion changes just by including accessories.

Even with a simple one-tone outfit, just wrap a scarf or put on a necklace to tie the look together.

Also, it is unique to fashion that you can change the impression just by arranging the hairstyle.


To be fashionable, start by replicating someone with a good sense of style.

Even those who are fashion-conscious are constantly researching and incorporating trends and easy-to-use items.

If you think you don't have a good fashion sense, just research!

Anyone can be fashionable by practicing the contents introduced in today’s article!

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