Points for Choosing Socks at a Wedding Ceremony: A Fail-Proof Way to Pick the Correct Socks!

When you are invited as a wedding guest, you might be wondering what to wear in your suit or tie.

But, you may have overlooked your socks.

It's a big mistake if you think "It doesn’t matter because it's hidden by the hem of my pants and no one can see it!”

There are also etiquettes that you want to keep in your wedding socks.

Here are some tips for choosing socks for the wedding ceremony and what you need to know to avoid making mistakes.

Wedding Etiquette: Men’s Socks

Selecting the wrong socks will look strange when you sit down and cross your legs.

Make sure you know the etiquette of socks at weddings and receptions.

Color? Black is the Correct Answer 

The colour of the socks worn at the wedding is basically the same as the colour of the suit.

For weddings and receptions, it is generally "black socks".

If the colour of the suit you are wearing is other than black, such as navy, choose a modest colour for your socks such as navy blue.

How Long Should It Be? 

Basically middle length so you can't see your bare skin.

There are three main types of sock length:

Short Length

Short to the ankle. 

It is worn in everyday wear and casual scenes.

Middle Length

The length is about 3/4 below the knee.

Middle length is a staple in ceremonial occasions and business scenes.


The length is below the knee. Also called a high socks.

The basic length of socks worn at a wedding ceremony is "middle length".

If it is a middle length that extends to the calf, you don't have to worry about seeing your bare skin when you sit on a chair or cross your legs.

Please note that short socks should not be worn in formal settings as you can see your bare skin.

If you are worried that the middle length will slip off while you are wearing it, we recommend the "long length" that extends to the bottom of your knees.

What Sock Pattern? 

Basically, socks worn at weddings should be plain.

A striped pattern or rib knitting that is almost plain without using vibrant or many colours, is okay.

Flashy socks with patterns should be avoided. 

There is no problem if it has one point of focus such as a brand logo. 

Sock Mistakes: Things You Should Avoid

For wedding socks, there are various types such as colours and patterns.

Here, we would like to introduce things you should avoid when choosing socks for the wedding.

White Socks 

It is a bad idea in general for guests to wear white socks.

Because you wear formal wear and dark suits, white socks will stand out and look awkward, giving you a casual impression.

The etiquette is to choose an inconspicuous colour that is familiar to the suit.

Flashy Colors and Patterns

Another thing you should avoid is wearing socks with flashy or bright colours such as red, blue, stripes and paisley patterns.

In the formal scene, the basis is "plain black".

However, at casual parties and after parties, this rule does not apply.

Sport Socks or Ankle Socks

Items that expose your ankle skin, such as sneaker socks, should be avoided.

Short socks give a vulgar impression when you sit on a chair or cross your legs because you can see your bare skin.

When choosing socks, be careful about their length.

However, there is no problem if you wear loafers or slip-ons at casual parties or after parties. 

Bare Feet (violation of manners)

The ultimate fashion faux pas is being bare feet.

You should never wear shoes without socks.

Bare feet at a wedding is a violation of etiquette.

In addition, there are only disadvantages such as skin hygiene problems and damage to shoes.

When you wear shoes, be sure to wear socks!


In summary, the socks that ordinary guests wear for weddings are basically "plain black".

When trying to find socks to match your outfit, avoid colours and patterns, and pay attention to the length.

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