Socks as Gifts: 9 Reasons Why They Make Fantastic Gifts

The one thing I hated receiving for Christmas as a child was socks. 

You can understand that, right?

But as an adult now, I love finding new socks in my stocking. 

Festive, fun, quirky, colourful socks - the possibilities are endless.

I love seeing the designs and types of socks that my friends and family think I’ll like.

Also, you can’t go wrong with gifting socks (at least to adults).

I have not yet met someone that says they have too many pairs of socks.

Meaning Behind Gifting Socks

Did you know that socks actually have hidden meanings?  

Socks are such easy gifts to give since we know everyone needs them. 

Knowing the meaning behind gifting socks will allow your gift to be that much more meaningful! 

Socks make great gifts for everyone, however, there are some situations in which socks may not be appropriate gifts.

When Are Socks Not Appropriate as Gifts?

As I mentioned earlier, there can be situations where giving socks can be misleading or rude.

Here, let’s take a look at scenarios where it may be considered bad manners to gift socks. 

Avoid Giving Socks to Your Bosses

It is safer not to give socks to your superiors or bosses since socks are in the same category as underwear. 

Some might see this gift as a symbol of “looking down” on the recipient.  

Even if you don't feel that way, it can be offensive to someone who feels this way.
In this case, it is probably better to refrain from gifting socks.

Avoid Giving Socks to People Who You Don't Know Well

Socks worn directly on the skin should not be given to people you’re not close with. 

It is believed that socks should be given to family and friends who you are close with.

If You're Unsure About Gifting Socks, Talk to the Recipient in Advance

It is always safer to speak with the recipient in advance if you are unsure about whether or not gifting socks to them is a good idea. 

This way, misunderstandings and unpleasant surprises can be avoided. 

Why Do Socks Make Great Gifts?

Have you ever panicked with last minute Christmas shopping? 

Or, struggled to cross names off your Christmas shopping list for those who are hard to buy gifts for?

Always keep the idea of giving socks in the back of your mind because they make great gifts for almost everyone.


Here are our top 9 reasons:

1. Socks are Inexpensive

Socks are inexpensive and won’t break the bank. 

Sock prices vary depending on the material, length, design, or brand. But generally, they are still quite affordable.  

If you’re looking for a stocking stuffer, or a small gift to go with another gift, socks are a great option that cost less than a tall latte. 

2. Everyone Wears Socks

Everyone wears socks.

This is how you’ll know your recipient will have good use for your gift.

Unlike a blender or a toaster oven, you probably don’t need two.

I have yet to meet someone that says they have too many pairs of socks. 

3. There Are So Many Sock Choices

Quirky patterns, festive designs, solid colours and cartoon characters - there are so many different choices.

Whether your recipient prefers more subtle colours or loud designs, there will definitely be a pair that would make a perfect gift.

4. Socks Make Sensible Gifts

Socks are practical.

Like I’ve mentioned before, you can never have too many pairs of socks.

They are a wise choice for people who are hard-to-shop for and already have everything.

5. Socks are Cozy

Socks are great for warm winter weathers.

They are cozy and keep our feet warm - what better to gift as a Christmas present? 

6. Socks Don’t Break

As I’ve mentioned earlier, socks don’t break the bank.

They also don’t break easily.

If you give a porcelain tea set or a glass figurine as gifts and send it through our postal service, there’s a high chance that these fragile items could break before reaching the recipient.

However, socks don’t break!

They’re durable and will make its way to the recipient and you won’t need to worry about dropping and shattering them.

7. Socks Fit Easily

If your feet size is between the common sizes of 5-10, then most one-size-fits-all socks will fit.

Unlike clothes, socks are easy fitting and you won’t need to know the recipient’s exact size to buy their gift. 

8. Socks are Easy to Pack

Socks are small and compact, and are not clunky.

They’re easy to store and pack.

Perfect to send overseas to a loved one living far away.  

9. Socks Don’t Really Go Out of Fashion

Socks don’t really go out of fashion.

They have been worn by our ancestors long ago. 

While some patterns and designs can slowly go out of style, the concept of socks itself, it here to stay forever. 

How to Pick Socks for Gifts

So now, you know why socks make such great gifts.  

What you need to know now is how to pick out the perfect pair as a gift.  

1. Daily Usage

What type of socks does your recipient usually wear?

Are they the type that likes fun patterns and bright colours? Or perhaps you often see them sporting monotonous-coloured socks?

Factoring in the style of your recipient’s usual go-to socks will help you pick out the ideal pair for them.

2. Not Too Expensive

Socks are inexpensive and should not cost an arm and a leg.

In terms of socks, price is not everything. 

There are great quality socks out there that don’t cost a fortune. 

3. Material 

There are many different types of yarns available to make socks. But we will be discussing the most common 4 types as they make up 90% of the socks manufactured around the world.

A. Cotton

Cotton is a lightweight and breathable material, making it one of the most commonly-used fibres for manufacturing socks. 

B. Polyester

Polyester is a synthetic material that is warm and soft. 

It is arguably more durable than natural fibres, which makes this material another excellent choice.

C. Wool 

Wool is a great insulator. Socks made from wool are extremely warm, which makes it the perfect option for colder climates.

D. Nylon

Nylon is a versatile material. While alone, nylon socks are water-resistant and not breathable, it is usually added to other fibres in blends.

By adding in nylon fibres, the new blend will become stretchy and more durable. 

What kind of socks do you think your recipient will benefit from?
Moisture-wicking socks? Or perhaps warm and cozy socks?

Getting a better understanding of what your recipient looks for in a pair of socks will allow you to pick out the best material for their gift.

4. Recipient’s Style

Does your recipient wear dress socks everyday? Or socks to go with their athletic wear?

What about the length of socks they usually sport?

These are all important considerations you may want to think about when choosing a gift.

On What Occassion Can You Give out Socks?


Socks can make a great and thoughtful birthday present.

While one pair of sock might seem like a small gift, you can give a few pair of socks.

On my 14th birthday, my mom bought me 14 pairs of different socks. 

Each sock I received was different - there were solid colours, bright and fun patterns, and also cartoon characters.

That was one of the most memorable gifts I have ever received.  


Cozy warm socks make great Christmas presents.

As a Christmas gift, you might want to opt for some festive patterns or Christmas motifs. 

Random Days

Because they are relatively inexpensive and affordable, socks make great “just because” gifts.

December 4 is National Sock Day.

Sock day celebrates matched socks and how after so many cycles in both the washer and the dryer, they’re able to find each other.

A pair of socks could make a great gift in celebration for National Sock Day.


Now that you know why socks make such great gifts, we hope you’ll take this information and find the perfect pair for your recipient.

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