Socks in the Summer: Reasons and Benefits of Wearing Them

The long awaited summer is here! 

Beach days, warm weather and the smell of fresh grass are some of the reasons why the summer season is so loved!

But, sweltering hot days are one of the things I, like many people, dread about the summer.

Here comes the big question: Should we wear socks in the summer?

Your feet are sweaty, icky and clammy. 

Wearing socks just make them sweat even more!

So, why should we wear or not wear socks?

Let’s take a look at some reasons why socks are just important in the summer as it is in the winter!

#1 Prevents Your Feet From Smelling

Do you ever find your feet smelling worse on days you wear shoes without socks?

Not just your feet, your shoes end up smelling bad too.

Why does this happen when we don’t wear socks? 

Socks can help fight off odour. 

Depending on the fibre of the sock, some socks have strong moisture-wicking capacity and can pull sweat and moisture away from the skin and into the exterior of the fabric making it easier to evaporate. 

The antimicrobial properties of certain fabrics in socks can also help fight off foul smells. 

#2 Protection For Your Feet from Wounds and Blisters

Unlike our ancient ancestors, we don’t have to trudge through sharp sand, pebbles, or scorching rocks in our bare feet. 

But, have you ever stepped on a piece of lego at home? Ouch!

If you weren’t wearing a sock, you’ll probably experience the full force of that painful jab. 

Not to mention, when you are walking in your shoes without socks, the friction will cause some serious chaffing overtime. 

Socks are not just good for fighting off odour, but they can also ease the friction caused by walking. 

Expect blisters and chaffed feet if you’re going out without socks. 

#3 Protect Your Feet of Summer Activities Like Hiking and Camping

Think about all the outdoor activities you can do in sunny warm weather. 

Socks should be worn with sneakers as they provide adequate support for physical activity and sweat absorption.

Socks made for sports can be used for an array of athletic activities, like jogging or hiking.

They are usually made of strong natural fibres, or a blend of fibres such as cotton or wool.

A pair of good ankle socks will have strong moisture-wicking properties to keep your feet dry while you hike or train.

#4 They Prevent Your Feet From Tanning From the Sun

The sun’s strong UV rays mean an increased chance of sunburns and tanning. 

Socks will help prevent that dreaded sock tan. 

In the summer, do not forget to put on sunscreen!

#5 Good for Moisture Wicking

Socks act as a protective layer between your feet and the inside of your shoe. 

Their moisture-wicking property will also help pull sweat and moisture away from the skin and into the exterior of the fabric making it easier to evaporate. 

#6 Socks as Fashionable Summer Statement Items

Wear your socks in the summer not for its functional purpose, but as a fashion statement.

Use your socks as an accessory. 

Match the colour of your socks with a focal colour in your outfit for a cohesive and pulled together look!

Playing with colours is a great and smart way to dress up your outfit effortlessly.


Yes, I agree with you.

I also hate wearing socks on my sweaty feet in the summer.

But, they are essential to keep your feet clean and your shoes smelling fresh.

In the summer, opt for a pair of breezy thin socks! 


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