The Effect of Materials on Clothes: What is Considered Fashionable Material?

Do you give the material of your clothes much thought?

As summer is approaching, summer clothes tend to look very similar - shorts and T-shirts.

So in this case, it is important to pay attention to the materials of these clothing pieces.

This factor alone can drastically change your overall look when you dress in the summer.

Why You Should Pay Attention to Materials in the Summer

First, let's check the material.

For example, the material of a shirt.

Let’s take a look at denim.

No matter how you dress it, denim is a casual material.

Technically, clothes in the world can be roughly divided into two types: Casual vs. Dressy

The items used in suits are basically dressy, while everything else will basically fall into the casual category.

It's also about design, material, and silhouette.

First of all, there are three elements in clothing:

1. Design

2. Silhouette

3. Color/material

Elements that make an overall look dressy:

1. Design: Items used in suits

2. Silhouette: Slim and slender like a suit

3. Color/material: Monotone, glossy material like a suit

Elements that define a casual outfit:

1. Design: Items used other than suits

2. Silhouette: Thick and bulky unlike a suit

3. Color/material: Unlike suits, colourful, non-glossy and wrinkled material (like denim or chiffon)

Let’s Take a Look at Materials

Let’s take two different materials for example:

Example 1: Casual discoloured denim shirt with wrinkles

Example 2: Glossy dress shirt 

Even with similar types of shirts like the ones described in the examples above, the impression will change if the materials are different.

Incorporating Dressy Elements into Your Outfit

The time between spring and summer is both hot and cold.

I feel too warm in long pants, so I will wear shorts.

I’ll usually start wearing T-shirts during this time as well.

Leather shoes are stuffy, so I’ll revert to sandals.

All the design elements of the outfit described above are casual.

Shorts, T-shirts, and sandals are items that you never use in suits.

Pay Attention to the Materials of Your Clothes

If you combine a rough and wrinkled T-shirt with shorts, your overall look may appear young and playful.

However, if the T-shirt is made of a glossy material, even if it is combined with denim, a dressy element will be added to make it look more sophisticated and mature.

See how something as simple as materials can play such a huge factor in your appearance?

Next time you’re putting a look together, try to notice the material of the clothing pieces you’ve chosen as they can make you appear more casual or dressy.

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