The Importance of Comfort: How to Choose Socks for Mountaineering and Mountain Climbing

It is said that choosing the right mountaineering shoes is important. 

But actually, choosing the perfect socks for mountain climbing is also very important.

A pair of socks can change and alter a plethora of foot problems, such as pain in the soles, and excessive sweating, etc.

Today, we’ll be looking at how to choose the perfect socks for mountain climbing and hiking.

The Role of Mountaineering Socks

First, let's look at the role of mountaineering socks. 

Mountaineering socks play an important role in making mountaineering comfortable, and can be broadly divided into the following four types.

1. Highly Cushioned to Protect the Soles of the Feet

Mountaineering shoes that are supposed to walk on steep mountain roads basically have hard soles. 

With ordinary socks, over time, you may get tired and the soles of your feet may hurt. 

Climbing socks have excellent cushioning properties and do not make you feel the hardness of the soles, and they also soften and protect the impact on the soles of your feet.

2. Quickly Absorb Sweat and Keeps Your Feet Dry

Even if it is a breathable mountain climbing shoe, the inside of the shoe is sealed.

Therefore, if the amount of sweating is excessive, it may not be able to absorb your sweat.

If you choose mountaineering socks that absorb sweat and can keep your feet dry, your feet can stay comfortable during the hike.

3. Keep Your Feet Warm

The toes are the first to cool when blood flow is poor. 

Even in the summer mountains, the temperature is low, so it is necessary to have good heat retention. 

Wearing mountaineering socks can protect your feet from such cold weather.

4. Fit the Climbing Shoes and Feet

Even if you choose mountaineering shoes that fit exact, there will still be a space between your shoes and your feet. 

Since the force is applied to the heel when climbing and the toe when descending, if the gap is left as it is, the slippage during walking may cause the shoes to rub.

If you wear mountaineering socks, it will fill the gap between your shoes and your feet and fit your feet.

How to Choose

Now that you have confirmed the importance of mountaineering socks, how do you choose mountaineering socks? I will explain how to choose from the two aspects of "material" and "thickness".


Cotton absorbs sweat but does not dissipate it.

So, it is an ideal material for mountaineering socks.

On the other hand, merino wool is often used as a material for mountaineering socks because it has a high ability to absorb sweat and dissipate it to the outside. 

There are also synthetic fibre type socks, which are quick-drying and cheaper than wool socks.

However, the disadvantages of wool is that it dries slower than synthetic fibres, and that synthetic fibres are less soft to the touch than wool. 

Many mountaineering equipment stores have a good mix of wool and synthetic fibres.


There are many types of mountaineering socks, such as thin, medium-thick, thick, and extra-thick. 

It is important to choose according to the mountaineering style and season. 

Merino wool has a temperature control function, so you can wear it comfortably even in the summer mountains.

In addition to simply changing the thickness depending on the season, it is also important to have a good fit with mountain climbing shoes. 

It can be said that medium-thick to thick are the most versatile and easy to use.

Sock Layering

When climbing a mountain or walking for prolonged periods of time, the quick-drying socks may sometimes not be able to keep up with drying.

Therefore, the most popular way to wear it is to use it together with "inner socks". 

For the inner sock that touches the skin, wear a thin synthetic fiber that dries quickly, and wear wool on the outside. It is possible to keep the skin drier and improve comfort.

However, if your feet are tightened by layering, you may hurt your toes or worsen your blood flow, and you may not feel the warmth. 

When choosing, make sure you can move your toes easily in your shoes even if you wear two pairs of socks.

Wear Mountaineering Socks for Comfortable Mountain Climbing!

Comfortable feet are very important in mountaineering. 

Choosing good hiking boots is of course important, but socks can make a big difference in their comfort. 

Please refer to this article on choosing the perfect mountaineering socks to make the environment inside the shoes more comfortable.

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