There Were Mostly Disadvantages, But Actually I Found 5 Advantages By Wearing My Shoes Without Socks!

I know some people like to wear shoes that are slightly bigger (maybe about half a size), since they hate the constricting feeling of tight shoes.

Personally, I like to wear shoes that fit perfectly. 

I don’t like the extra space. 


However, when the shoe is new, it can feel a little constricting when I wear them with socks.

So this year, I took a plunge and tried wearing shoes barefoot.

It looks a little strange



I Tried Wearing Shoes Without Socks For a Short While


This past summer, I’ve been wearing my shoes with no socks.


I used to wear short socks (also known as foot covers), but I find they get lost so easily in the washing machine. 

I know this is a small issue, but it is one of the reasons why I decided to stop wearing socks in the summer. 



When I started living barefoot for awhile, I noticed some things that I usually don’t when I am wearing socks. 


Although I don’t recommend going barefoot, let me share with you my thoughts of going barefoot. 


Disadvantages of Wearing Leather Shoes Barefoot


What are the disadvantages I personally felt?


  • Damage to the feet is huge.

  • The sizing feels much different when socks are not worn

  • The insole gets dirty very easy


For me, the biggest disadvantage is that the part that comes into direct contact with the foot is prone to rubbing and pain. 



At one point, there were days when I had to put band-aids on four different places on my feet.


However, this also means that it is easy to see where the damage occurs and which parts of feet are most effected by the shoe.


I would like to introduce that next.


Also, I’d like to mention that I didn’t wear the same shoes everyday.

I also made sure to wash my feet properly and thoroughly since I was going barefoot.

I didn’t have issues with odours or athlete’s foot, but I do think that it is definitely much easier to get the insoles dirty without socks.


Why is that?


This is because sebum and dead skin cells adheres directly to the insole.



Advantages of Wearing Leather Shoes Barefoot


While I don’t recommend going barefoot, I did make some interesting observations which I’d like to share. 


I Can Understand the Fit Better


I don't usually pay much attention to this, but without wearing socks, I could concentrate on where and how it fits.


However, I feel that I am more conscious of the fit when I am bare feet. 


It's like sharpening your senses.

Yes, I think it's important to be conscious of the fit of your shoes!


You Can See Which Part of Your Shoe is Affecting Your Foot


For example, the instep of a shoe bends and becomes wrinkled. 


Every time you walk, the bent part hits your foot.


This means that because the width of the shoes is small compared to your feet, my toes are pressed sideways and one toe is squished to the side.


Also, it's easier to move your toes when you're not wearing socks, so you can see how loose or tight your shoes are.



You Can Clearly See The Difference Between the Left and Right Side


There may be times when only the left or right foot hurts.


Only the right foot hits the bottom of the ankle in a strange way.


Or, only the bone at the base of the little toe on the left foot always hurts.

Or, only the sole of the left foot (the base of the toe) hurts, etc.


Without socks, it is much easier to notice the difference between the left and right feet.


Well, if it hurts obviously, it doesn't matter if you're wearing socks or not.


My Feet Do Not Slip forward


Occasionally, the leather shoes may stretch or the bottom may “sink”, causing the shoes to feel loose.

If this happens, your feet may move in your shoes. 



Especially if you wear socks, it will become slippery.

However, if you are barefoot, your feet will not slip.


If you slip, your feet will inevitably get stressed, which may make your feet tired or sweaty.


Also, It's Surprisingly Not Stuffy


Also, it's unexpectedly not as stuffy as I imagined.


In fact, leather has unexpectedly high water absorption and moisture permeability.


In the summer, I wore only loafers with a wide opening, so it may be possible that the stuffiness was eliminated through the opening. 



I don't recommend it because there may be individual differences, but I was able to wear it comfortably.


However, if the surface is made of resin-processed glass leather or if a sponge is laid under the insole of the shoe, the leather will not absorb sweat.


It was an interesting discovery to find such a difference.




After all, what I wanted to say is that by wearing shoes without socks, I became more aware of my feet than usual.


By accumulating this knowledge, I think you’ll probably be better at choosing your shoes the next time you go shoe shopping.

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