What Are Trouser Socks? Ever Wondered What Trouser Socks Are?

Trouser socks…

Do you know what they are? 

If you do, round of applause for you for knowing your different type of socks!

Trouser socks, unlike dress socks or ankle socks, are so much less common in our everyday attire.

If you don’t know what the difference between dress socks or ankle socks are, you’ll want to learn about their differences.

So, back to trouser socks.

Why do we need to know about these socks that no one really knows about?

Let’s take a look today. 

What Are Trouser Socks?

Trouser socks are long and sheer ladies’ socks.

Depending on the length of the leg, the sock ends around the upper calf just ending below the knee.

What Do Trouser Socks Look Like?

Trouser socks can come in a variety of patterns or colours. 

For a fun and whimsical look, you can opt for a pair of patterned or colourful trousers.

For the workplace or a more conservative look, solid colours can give off that needed sense of professionalism.

They are thin and usually crafted from a nylon or silk material, this makes it a practical sock for a variety of close-fitting shoes like pumps or flats. 

Trouser socks are seen to be a new alternative to the less popular knee high.

They offer breathability but at the same time, the same amount of support and protection to your feet from friction.

Trouser socks can be sheer or opaque. 

Sheer trouser socks appear more subtle when paired with a dressy outfit.

However, as they are created from a thin material, they are more prone to runs and are much less durable than their opaque counterparts.

Opaque trouser socks are much less breathable than sheer trouser socks. 

But, they are extremely durable when contrasted to sheer trouser socks. 

Length of Trouser Socks

Generally speaking, while trouser socks are usually long and reaches below the knee, there are varying lengths designed based on personal preference.

There are some that go just above the knee and there are some that go way above the knee.

Depending on the look you are going for, the level of formality and the outfit you are wearing it with, you’ll want to choose your trouser socks accordingly.

Material of Trouser Socks

Like any other types of socks, trouser socks can be made from a wide variety of different materials.

Let’s take a look at a few different types of materials: 

  • Spandex: Stretchy fabric blends, like spandex or elastane, will help your socks stay in place.
  • Cotton: Cotton is a natural material that is both comfortable and breathable.
  • Silk: Silk is an expensive option for trouser socks. But, this high-quality material is soft non-abrasive and breathable. When wearing silk trouser socks, your legs will not feel too hot.

Trouser Socks vs. Stocking vs. Tights

While trouser socks, stockings, and tights are all usually women’s socks, there are slight differences between each.

We’ve talked about trouser socks already, but what are stockings and tights?

Like the name suggests, tights are tight socks that run from your toes all the way to the waist.

They are usually held in place by a stretchy elastic or silicone.

Unlike knee high socks, thigh high socks don’t expose skin in the gap between the sock section and the skirt or shorts. 

On the other hand, stockings are traditionally worn with a pair of suspenders to keep them up.

Stockings are also traditionally sheer. 

Benefits of Trouser Socks

Some trouser socks include spandex which is a stretchy material.

Many women find that trouser socks with spandex incorporated in the blend. 

Especially when used in the opening of the sock, it prevents the restriction of circulation in the leg. 

How to Wash Trouser Socks

Because trouser socks are often crafted from a thin material, it is best to wash by hand.

But, if you must use a washing machine, we recommend these tips below:

  • Use neutral detergent in cold water
  • Turn your socks inside out and use a laundry net
  • Wash using the delicate cycle of the washing machine
  • Dark-coloured fabrics may discolour and transfer over to lighter coloured fabrics. 
  • Avoid using chlorine bleach
  • Avoid using a dryer and if drying outside, dry in the shade with the rubber mouth on top.


Just look at the amount of fashion bloggers and fashionistas on social media sporting trouser socks.

We love the look of trouser socks!

While there are some hurdles that may prevent us from wearing them on a daily basis, we hope our tips today will help you wear them with confidence!


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