White or Black All Stars Converse With Socks: 10+ Style Tips

What Socks to Wear With Converse 

We’ve been seeing a steady boom in Converse culture. 

And for good reason, since they look good and are so comfy too!

Choosing the right pair of converse is important, but choosing what kind of socks to wear is also extremely important! 

A crucial point in the colour coordination of socks and sneakers is balance. 

Keep the following styling tips in mind, and you will find it easy to choose what colour socks to pair with your converses or any other type of sneakers.

#1 General Rule

The general rule of thumb: Match the colour of your converses with the colour of your socks. 

If you match the colour of your socks to the colour of your shoes, your entire look will appear more cohesive and balanced.

For example, try wearing white sneakers with white socks and black sneakers with black socks.

#2 Grey Socks for Gradation 

grey socks

Grey socks are perfect for achieving an interesting gradation effect. 

Imagine coordinating a pair of black skinny jeans to a pair of white converses with a pair of grey socks. 

The grey socks will soften the stark contrast of the black pants and white shoes, pulling your whole look together.  

#3 Red Socks

red socks

For socks, try an eye-catching and bright colour, like red or orange. 

A bold colour for sure, but definitely do try switching out your usual monotone black, white, or grey socks for something a little more flashy. 

You might be pleasantly surprised!

Red is an intense colour but when used as an accessory, in this case socks, it can make an outfit look more refined. 

Furthermore, red works beautifully with monotone colours or denim, so it makes a perfect pairing for casual wear. 

My winter wardrobe is full of white, black and grey pieces - it looks like someone sucked out all the colours and fun from it. 

Is your winter wardrobe like mine?  

A good solution? (Hint: you don’t need to replace anything) 

Red socks!

Red socks give off a stylish accent to any dreary and monotonous outfit. 

The red socks are only slightly visible between the leg of your pants and your sneakers, but it packs a powerful (fashion) punch to the eyes.  

Red Socks X White Converses 

white converse red socks

Accent your outfit with red socks and white sneakers. 

An everyday casual outfit with a pair of white sneakers is a basic look. 

But, add a pair of red socks - it can be instantly seen at a glance because of the visible colour at the feet.  

Red Socks X Black Converses

black converse with red socks

Red socks and a pair of black sneakers is a striking combination for when you’re going for a subtle yet bold look.  

While red is a show-stopping colour, it looks flawless when paired with black.

The contrast between these two colours is stylish and will make your outfit look avant-garde. 

The red sock and black converse coordinate is a casual one that makes good use of colours.

#4 When in Doubt, Pick White

white socks

Need to get out of the house in a hurry but don’t know what colour socks to choose? 

When in doubt, go with white. 

White socks on the feet make for a clean and tidy impression. 

White, a colour with no hue, pairs well with essentially anything. 

White Socks x Black Converses

black converse white socks

Dress up your feet with a pair of white socks and black converses for a simple and minimalistic look. 

The eye-catching pop of contrast in colours is great way to add a little fun flair to your look. 

The black and white combination is a great alternative without straying from your usual monotonous colours if you are not comfortable with a flashy colour like red.  

Pairing a white pair of socks with black shoes can create a light and airy appearance.

White Socks x Different Colour Converses

red converse with white socks

White tees are a staple in most closets because it is so effortlessly easy to pair with bottoms of any colour. 

Pair your white tee with a pair of denim jeans, pair that same tee with a lilac skirt, or a pair of overalls.  

The same tee, but three different looks. 

White tees are loved for its versatility. 

That goes for white socks as well. 

Pair your white socks with a bright pair of red or orange converses to introduce some calming tones to these flashy colours. 

Pair some white socks to a pair of black converse for a charmingly contrasting look. 

The possibilities are endless with this sock drawer staple. 

#5 Monotone Socks

monotone socks

Many people have a large stash of monotone socks. 


They’re easy to mix and match. 

When you’re shopping for new socks, rather than contemplate what design or style to choose, it’s always easiest to reach for the solid colour socks.

The overall look of your outfit can change drastically depending on which monotone colour socks you pick: black or white. 

Black Socks Look Sharp

black socks

Wearing a pair of grey skinny jeans with white sneakers?

Add a pair of black socks to your outfit to keep it looking cohesive and balanced. 

Even though your entire look is full of casual items and basic colours, the colour scheme will keep your entire look sharp and well-defined. 

By combining a casual everyday wear with monotonous colours, you can add subtlety to an outfit.

Black and White Stripes

stripe socks

Add a little flair and character to a simple monotone outfit with a pair of striped socks.  

I love monotone colours in winter clothing, but I find my outfits can look a little boring and dreary sometimes.

Spruce monotonous coloured looks with a pair of striped socks. 

Stripes are a fun illusion to the eyes, it’ll light up your whole outfit without drawing too much attention.  

#6 Socks With Prints

sock prints

Socks with all kinds of prints all over it are popular because they are so fun, expressive, and full of life.

Any outfit when paired with patterned socks gives your look a stylish and unique vibe. It adds character with its pop of different colours.

For casual or street fashion, we recommend experimenting with different types of printed socks. 

Add them to a pair of plain white sneakers as a fashion statement. 

Depending on the design of the sneakers, select a pair of socks that have a similar motif. 

For example, if your sneakers have thick stripes, pick out a pair of socks that are the same colours as those stripes.  

This will elevate your entire look!

When you pick out your socks, there are no set rules.

Add your favourite socks to your white sneakers to wide the fashion range at your feet.

Patterned socks make great accents to your feet.  

#7 Brown Socks

brown socks

In a short poll we conducted, we found that darker-coloured socks were preferred over lighter colours when paired with black sneakers. 

But, only 6% of people who preferred darker colours will choose to wear brown socks.

Why is that?

Although most colours pair well with black, some colours just won’t work. Blues and browns don’t complement black and may even negate the harsh tones of this colour. 

#8 Socks as a Focal Fashion Point 

Amp up Your Everyday Look

Want to change up your everyday casual look? 

Grab the most colourful or vibrant pair of socks in your sock drawer. 

Roll up the hem of your jeans just slightly to show off this splash of fun colour.

Add a Bit of Colour to Your Professional Look

dress socks

Suits and blazers never really escape from the usual black, navy, grey, or dark solemn colours. 

Whether you’re walking into the boardroom or the classroom, show off a subtle pop of colour - with your socks.

While staying professional, try opting for a fun dress sock by going subtly bright. 

#9 No Show Socks for Converse

no show socks

There are many no show sock options to wear with a pair of converse. 

Ankle socks started gaining popularity in the 1930’s with the rise of popular pastimes like sports and tennis. 

Ankle socks keep your feet protected against friction but at the same time, won’t stick out from your high tops. 

Don’t like how your ankle socks stick out from your low-cut converses?

Try ped socks.

They’re low cut socks that fit just above the heel collar. 

Whether you prefer regular socks or a pair of no show socks, please put on some type of socks with your sneakers. 

From keeping our feet from smelling (worse than it does) and protecting it from wounds, socks serve a wide range of protective functions for our feet (and nose). 

Some people don’t like to wear ankle socks or ped socks because they keep slipping off. 

But, knowing these two tricks will allow your no-show socks to stay on at all times. 

Right Size

If your sock keeps slipping, it’s most likely because they don’t fit your feet properly. Wearing a wrong-sized sock is the number one reason behind no-show sock-slippage.

Check to make sure your sock size is the correct one. It shouldn’t be too loose or too tight, but it should fit snug.

Check Silicone Grips

You are certain your sock size is correct, but your no-show socks still keep slipping off? 

Check the silicone grip part for hair, lint dust, or other residue that can be preventing the grip from sticking to your heel. 

Also, make sure you don’t apply any lotions on your heels before you put on your socks.

Lotions can be slippery, which can be another key reason to sock-slippage.

#10 Socks for High Top Converse

Try a variety of colours and styles and see what you are most comfortable and happy with. 

If you want to show off a bit of your socks, opt for a mid-length pair. 

They will pop out just slightly above your high tops if you’re looking to show off a little bit of colour. 

The general sock rule for high top converses, and any other sneakers or shoes really, is go with a style that fits your personality. 

#11 Socks for Low Cut Converse 

Most people don’t like their socks sticking out from their low cut converses. 

If you’re one of those people, you might want to opt for a pair of secret socks or ped socks.

Wearing these no show-socks will look like you’re not wearing socks, but will keep the sole of your shoes clean and your feet protected! 


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