Why Do You Always Wear Socks with Shoes?

I decided to write this article because I frequently receive this question: “Why should I wear socks with my shoes?”

Through today’s article, I wish to answer everyone’s question and share with you why you should wear socks when wearing shoes.

There are Two Major Reasons to Wear Socks

The truth is, when you wear shoes, you always wear socks.

The reason is "to keep the inside of the shoes hygienic" and "to protect the skin of the feet".

Let’s look at each in detail. 

1. To Keep the Inside of Shoes Hygienic

Socks are used to absorb sweat from your feet and prevent dirt from getting into your shoes.

The soles of the feet are the areas of the body with many sweat glands.

Children, in particular, sweat more than adults because their metabolism is active.

If you go barefoot when wearing shoes, the sweat on your feet will not be absorbed easily, and the inside of your shoes will start getting smelly.

Also, if the soles of your feet come into direct contact with your shoes, old and dead skin cells will collect in your shoes.

And when the temperature inside the shoes rise due to body temperature, it creates an unsanitary environment where germs can easily grow.

To prevent this, wear clean socks when you wear your shoes.

2. To Protect the Skin of the Feet from Shoes

If you wear your shoes barefoot, they will come into direct contact with the skin of your feet.

If you do so, your shoes and feet may rub against each other while you are walking and may cause calluses or blisters.

For some people, the material and/or adhesives used inside the shoes may irritate the skin and cause problems such as rashes.

To prevent this, wear socks to protect the health of the skin on your feet.

Maintaining Hygiene Inside Your Shoes 

  • If you do end up going sock-less in your shoes, dry your shoes in a well-ventilated place. Try and refrain from putting it into a shoe closet with a door as this will prevent it from being thoroughly dried.

  • Have at least two pairs of shoes in your daily rotation. If you can rest your shoes for one day or more, it will be super helpful in prolonging the life of your shoes.

  • If you have only one pair of shoes, take out the insoles and dry them overnight. Wipe with water and dry it overnight.

  • If you have one pair of shoes and there are insoles in the shoes, you can change the insoles daily.

Maintaining Foot Hygiene 

  • Wash your feet with soap every day. Carefully wash between each toe. It can wash away old skin on the surface of the foot and bacteria that cause infections.

  • If you have any issues regarding your foot, such as scratches, broken skin or nail, be sure to wear socks to prevent the issue from getting worse.

So far, I have explained the reasons for wearing socks when wearing shoes and some suggestions on how you can keep your shoes clean when you do wear shoes without socks.

Thank you for reading until the end!

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