Our Story

Sock Alley was started by a wife and husband duo who had contradicting views on socks. 

One wore mismatched socks all the time. “No one sees them when they’re in your shoes anyways”, she would say.

On the other hand, one would pair the colour of his socks with his outfits religiously.

Take a look at their shared sock drawer - one side had neatly-folded and colour-coded dark solid-coloured socks, while the other half was a colourful mess.

Their attitude towards socks could not be more different. 

However, one thought they shared was the importance of socks

Socks are underrated and perform an important yet thankless job.  

Together, this husband and wife team founded Sock Alley in hopes of sharing socks that are high-quality, functional and fun to friends all over the world. 

Their hope is to better the world - one cold foot at a time. 

Thanks for your support on this journey.

With Love, 
Your friends at The Sock Alley